“I think it looks better...”
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Don't worry...

because I'm a fan of your floral drawings. I think it better to tell the truth,i've not read all the other opinions but not informing you will not benefit you,the face is distorted,begin with an accurate sketch when doing portraits,especially Obama Smile (he's a unique face) make a block sketch.. before starting coloring,make sure the face is proportioned right( ask someone else,certain details may escape you for u've been looking at it for so long,happens all the time)

In spite of everything, i could identify the person Smile

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Grade kudos!!

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Tami you drawing is amazing just the way it is

Yah Im totally souding like im saying a cliche but its true. Of course when I looked at this picture I knew it was Obama right from the bat. Doesn't matter what anyone else was saying . You would be hurting yourself more and satifying bad critism if you unpublished it. Life is like papprazis following you everywhere. You can hide from them or you can show them what you got. Keep drawing Tami..keep drawing!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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Constructive criticism

My drawings are not that great at all, but I know what I like. This looks nothing like Obama. No one has said anything about this but me. I don't see why people keep lying, when they can just show there true feelings. The face looks a bit deformed were the cheeks are. I am not trying to be mean, but this is just constructive criticism... Sorry.

"Well, I guess the world turns and we grow, but there are those who have yet matured" Me

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i think thats the point of the drawing

if you look if you look at the other drawings there not, deformed there awesome


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Thank you, Sorry if my

Thank you, Sorry if my drawing is not like obama. I will not publish it if needed. I'm trying to learn to draw Obama, I use the same reference photo. I have not found the right techniques to draw in Queeky when I draw on Queeky but now I think I found a way to draw my own.

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Your opinion...

and everyone has one. You know that old saying right? LOL I knew instantly who it was. It has great resemblance to Obama. I don't know how you can say someone is lying when you don't know what is going through their heads when they look at this. I can see where you say the cheeks are off, but Tami doesn't claim to be a professional artist. She is learning on this site like most of us are. Constructive criticism is actually to criticize in a way to help an artist out. "Deformed" is not constructive in my opinion. (And yes...I have one too) If you gave some idea of how this could be changed for the better, now that would be constructive. Wink

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I like that your actually saying it

But maybe if you told us what exactly it is you don't like?, more actual criticism.

It might just be me, but you barely covered that.



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wow...great use of light.

the shading and perspective is so good it looks 3 demensional. a beautifully warped 3-d characature. 5 stars no doubt.

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Great effect

Five stars

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