One Year at Queeky

“Today is my first anniversary at Queeky. .:D. This is my simple drawing to celebrate it. I love drawing and Queeky. Thank you for all my friends...we love drawing every time :D”
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A wonderful, soft rose, with

A wonderful, soft rose, with beautiful petals! Goood work!

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... and happy year on

... and happy year on Queeky! Much fun and love in all what you will create on this site! And not only!

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Beautious !

Great idea and so well done

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Thanks Viridian!

I appreciate your kind comment Laughing out loud Big smile

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superb really celebrate with a Master Crown Crown Crown


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Thanks Danila!

a Master piece??.. Laughing out loud .Thank you Party Party

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This is really beautiful

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Wow,these is really great

Wow,these is really great idea of drawing,i like the colors..happy anniversary Five stars

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Thanks LOor..

for comment,rate and fav my drawing Laughing out loud