“It's been a while, my friends. ;)”
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I would like to draw the new drawing. The old drawings are just too boring. Smile

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EXCELLENT DRAW!!! Five stars Five stars

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Thanks Sketchpad.

Thanks for your encouragement as always. Smile

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im so glad that are back :3

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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Where the hell you been?!

Where the hell you been?! Great draw!

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I've been around Queeky gallery. I just got into Queeky painting room awhile ago. Big smile How have you been? Smile

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I'd like for you to stay in

I'd like for you to stay in the painting room, Ha55ha. That's an order and consider this imprisonment Tongue I've been just fine. Been doing a lot of painting with oils so I've been out of our painting room also xD

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Interesting! You have to show us your oil painting sometime.

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Yay! You're back!

Lovely, soft and sort of enigmatic painting... Smile (Glad to see your profile pic again, even if it's kinda weird...heeheehee)

Do everything with LOVE...