“It's been a while, my friends. ;)”
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Thanks, Mannamanna

My profile pic is one of the drawing I drew here. Smile

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Thanks, Liliane.

Thanks for your comment. Smile

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What a

hahahappy surprise to see you back - wonderful work as usual. The little boy is on an adventure with his friend.

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Thanks, Betty.

It's good to be back. Smile

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and what a great surprise to see you here. Love your artwork welcome back! Love Love Love By the way I just watched the playback and you have not forgot how to draw it looks like you aren't even rusty a bit. Love this!

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Thanks, Kute

Your works keep me hanging on Queeky. Smile I'll find the new effect using Queeky tools.

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Thanks bunches!

I have not had a lot of time lately to finish tons of started drawings and make new ones but last weekend finally got moved into our new house and husbands testing seems to be coming to an end. Maybe I will have time to finish some old drawings and start new ones soon. I am looking forward to catching up here and seeing lots more from you!

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A signature ha55ha draw ... soft and utopian ... a perfect comeback (after a while Tongue Puzzled though I miss your gallery a lot!!!)

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Thanks, LostArt

I'll create my new gallery. Smile