by elli

open wave → variate

“feel free to variate away, queekator!”
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3 Variations

3 Variations


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Fantastic. Great style.

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open wave


Have a wonderful day!

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I like it.

I like it.

Just when you think you created a masterpiece, someone else is creating a work of a God

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Impressive wave, well done! I like the colour very much!

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what's missing....

is a perfect background music.Supplemented with it then is is Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

Great show.

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woooh...stunning wave!

it is one of the most beautiful waves i've ever seen. i feel its movement. 11!

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Nothin like an ocean wave?

..looks like a TSUNAMI to me !

ahh, why dont free that to variate? There could be some surfers in the wave I wanna draw Smile)

gr8 draw anyway, 10 from me!

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Very good draw!! AMAZING

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whippin water

Wow! this is fantastic elli, beautiful colours, very well done draw! 10