Optimus Vs Megatron

“For Transformers fans. many hours of work... I like the movies but I like more the anime series. many childhood memories. Thanks all for watch and comments. Have a nice day my friends.”
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This is this so realistic Demian09... Love it, so fav Five stars

Next to pain and pleasure is the passion of art, so let it come out lol -Sug@r~Qu33n

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a mi tambien me encantan las

a mi tambien me encantan las caricaturas..... @-@

me encanta como dibujaste tu firma ^-^ parase tallada en el deserticon, o como se esriba

jaja, a mi madre le sorprende que haya visto la seri (porque hace años que no la transmiten en televicion) pero un dia encontre que la pasaban.

tiene algo de gracioso esta serie.

me encanta tu dibujo, y todos los detalles que le pusiste.. realmente eres bueno!!!!

cinco estrellas, por supuesto!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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another masterpiece from you demian. What wonderful details and oh yes I can imagine how much time you put into this, the detailing says it all. Great draw... Smile Five stars

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I cannot begin to tell you how detailed this is! Amazing! I mean you can even see the windshield wipers on Optiums XD. Great, great job!

You smell like muffins ;]

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Amazing, just amazing... the lightning and shadows here are brilliant, they are small but precise giving a nice metal effect.

the use of colors is amazing as well, everything is just right!

The icons above is just a lovely addition to a an already amazing draw...


Simply amazing, 5\5 + Favorite

I advise others to do the same, because this is a result of many HARD PLANNING, HARD FOCUSING and HARD DRAWING hours that made this amazing draw.

Demian you are great and it shows, from every single draw you have in your amazing gallery. Inspirational you are...

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Optimus vs Megatron

Five stars Artfully done and good color - it's no surprise - another great painting!

Have a wonderful day!

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Yeah Demian is back. Very awesome. The metallic really shine. Just....great. And it's very cool to see the logo of the two just like we're playing the game. Fav.