Orange and Pink Rose

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Cool rose

you did really good on these flowers, especially on this one. Good work, my friend. Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

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SOOO PRETTY! LOVE TEXTURE OF PETALS, 3D, VERY REALISTIC! Shock Smile Big smile Laughing out loud Love ...

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Incredible colors,

breathtaking 3D-effect!


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Another beautiful beautiful rose !!!!!

Just as I said before, you are a professional rose painting artist!!!! so beautiful !!! Laughing out loud

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and..beautiful rose again

and..beautiful rose again Laughing out loud

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Excellent !!

Queen of the Roses

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Beautiful rose.

The texture of the petal is superb. Laughing out loud

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Wonderful blending between

Wonderful blending between the colors.. Crown

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D second

I saw it, I knew it was from u, kute...the rose expert Wink Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Astonishing beautiful roses!

Astonishing beautiful roses! Bravo, you, Specialist!