“Yay! More art! This cute fella isnt mines, but I hope to win him. Not sure if much of you know about -Roxalew- http://roxalew.deviantart.com/ most known and famouse adopts. She gives many away but its really hard to get one because your competing agaisnt 100s of other artists. I went in for number 4. I really hope to get him even theres a very low chance for that... But a lot of people are beleiving in me, telling me that ill get him. I really feel happy and much more positive on getting him. If you want to check out the adopts sheet she put on! here is it- http://roxalew.deviantart.com/art/29-FREE-creature-adoptables-OPEN-401772348 If you want to check out Oscuros description here it is-http://raila1.deviantart.com/art/Oscuro-401936293 I love him and hope to win him. Doda agaisnt 100s of other wonderfull artists... hard to beleive that I will win.”
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