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“It hurts QnQ”
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This reminds me if when my

This reminds me if when my friends dared me to try parkour, and I flipped off a gate trying to reach the top of a wall, and landed in the middle of the wall ( on the side of my face) and slowly, slid down, like a cartoon character.....

I think I possibly looked like this by the end of it.

That took at least a month and a half to heal -.-'

And that, is how I learned I'm incredibly uncoordinated and scared of gravity!

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D8 Oh nose. The reason why im

D8 Oh nose. The reason why im scared of such things is because when i was little (lolol 2 years old) i wanted to help my dad who was working on a roof on this very tall shed and i was at the very top of the ladder. then i slipped off landing head first onto the ground. :3 my dad thought i broke my neck. hmm the only thing that took a few months to heal was when i went to this skating place for my friend's birthday. Im terrible at skating and i tried to catch up to her and i went too fast and fell backwards onto the concrete floor. QAQ it knocked my breath out and i couldn't breathe for a while and my back had a huge bruise and was so sore. it lasted for 4 months ;-;

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Ouch O.O I tried

Ouch O.O I tried skateboarding...... never again e_e

Ohhh, my friend ( Brianna, if I ever say my friend, 90% of the time it'll be her XD) tryed to make a "grind on me" thingy, she slipped, busted her nose, and stayed on the ground for like 25 minutes "o_o" I'm that awesome friend who was too busy laughing to make sure she was alive.... She won't let that slide...

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Pfffft. Im one of those weak

Pfffft. Im one of those weak reckless people. Im weak, something little can hurt me. Reckless, I get hurt no matter what i do. And the fact that i have tripped over a shovel and slipped on a tiny piece of paper ._. lawl my friend says that one of these days he's gonna wrap me in bubble wrap or wrap everything in it because i get hurt so much x'DD

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I'm just clumsy. Word of

I'm just clumsy.

Word of advice, never beg your parents to get a house when your unstable and you know they'll force you to sleep upstairs.-.-

I woke up and "walked" downstairs for school, and I slipped, and the pattern consisted of me hitting a stair, bouncing up, skip a stair, then hit another stair and so on. It broke my tail bone, its been a year and ITS STILL NOT FRICKEN HEALED

the doctor said it might never completely heal... And I sobbed in a corner .-. It.sucks. especially since I couldn't look at stairs for a week.... And my chorus class was the only class in school that went upstairs x_x

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Ouch DX The only bone i ever

Ouch DX The only bone i ever broke was my little toe because i stubbed it very hard on this metal heater while walking down the hall.

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D: OW!! :C I could not stand


OW!! :C I could not stand something like that XD I move to much to break my toe e_o"

My tail-bone was the only thing I've broken, but god only knows what crap could've landed me in a hospital. Once, when I was like..4? My dad was going to work, and he would do this thing where he would bend down, and I'd hang on while he raised up, THEN he'd hug me, like, he wouldn't use his damn arms until he was straightened. And he did it one day, and I fell, and OF COURSE there had to be a glass coffee table right there, and I slammed my head on the corner of it, bled for like 2 hours, and shattered the table O.O"

Needless to say Dad would just keep me on the ground when he hugged me after that. .-. And my grandmothers damn panicking didn't help either! She was screaming things like, "SHES GONNA DIE, SEND HER TO THE HOSPITAL!" And I was fricken four, so of course I would freak out >:T

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ouch x-x i never been to the

ouch x-x i never been to the hospital.

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Ahhh, worst hospital

Ahhh, worst hospital visits

Number #1: four months worth of shots to prevent cancer because my parents forced me to do it because "it'll help me in the long run"

And number #2: I had a REALLY bad allergic reaction to hair bleach, and I broke out in hives, and had to get a fricken HUGE needle in my lower back which numbed out my whole body e__o

I hate shots, and anything to do with needles -.- but be glad you hadn't have a need to go to the hospital XD

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q____q that seems scary no

q____q that seems scary no thanks. i don't mind needles and such...AS LONG AS THEY'RE NOT IN ME DX

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