Panic Switch

“My OC Trace goes insane/has a mental breakdown when he eats A LOT sugar/anything caffeine related or drinks coffee (he's 5 in this pic). the title is a name of a song that is about a mental/nervous breakdown. Trace (c) musikfreak202 01/19/10”
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cut <3

good job ....CUT

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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thanks~! ^^

thanks~! ^^

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thank you so much marilens C:

thank you so much marilens C: I appreciate it ^^ yea, from listening to the sound I felt like drawing what I imagined in my head xDDDD

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This is a cute character ... I like how you expressed the breakdown with the background and expression. I like also the mixed socks..well done.. Smile Five stars