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“my first try on queekydraw online, talgoxe, a common bird in my garden, 2010.10.11 oops, here he is again”
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2 Variations

2 Variations


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I love this!


I LOVE animals!

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by mistake to unpublish this one, if anyone is wondering. discovering this and that on the sight. sorry..


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Welcome to queeky taiga, for your first time here using the tools you did a wonderful job..this is such a lovely draw. You are obviously very talented and it is going to be exciting to see what you draw next. Excellent work Smile Five stars FAVS.

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Lovely draw

I love the colors. Welcome to Queeky Smile have fun drawing.

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Beautiful first draw

Five stars

Have a nice day Taiga

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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wow cute!!! a green tit is

wow cute!!! a green tit is it??

It's time to try defying gravity

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Thanx to everybody! :D

you fellows are givin´me superloads of ispiration! hope i´ll find the time soon to visit all your profiles and your galleries. i´am living in sweden, and nowdays the winter is getting closer. i am totally freezing by sitting put and draw. must make something warm to get in my stomach.. -ihiii, wanna draw more... Smile

take care out there!


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Great first draw!

The bird is so cute and look so real. And....welcome to Queeky!

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wow! I love this! you are

wow! I love this! you are very good with the colors! this, is going in my favorites folder!