Peace and Joy

“Happy Birthday, dear Marilyn!!!!”
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Thank you

Thank you so much my very dear sweet friend Julia, this put a big smile on my face along with the care and love that went into this. You are a special lady with a huge heart and so talented. God bless you each day as you do so many with your paintings and your kindness. You made this day a very special one for me and I will treasure your beautiful gift..Thank you, Hugs...

Thank you also Susie and lostArt for the Happy birthday wish, you all made my day special. Smile

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Reading your words, I feel

Reading your words, I feel happy, I could provoke a big smile on your face, the day is saved, my day and hope yours too! I hope too, you could enjoy your birthday and were happy! Love and many hugs for you, dear Marilyn!

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Beautiful painting!!

Your drawings are very beautiful!!!!

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Thank you so much, dear

Thank you so much, dear Bamboo!

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Very pretty...

the color combination is very happy, and the leaves and berries are beautiful. Happy Birthday Marilyn, I hope it is a great one! Party

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Thanks a lot, Kute dear!

Thanks a lot, Kute dear!

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Olive branch as a gift؟ a

Olive branch as a gift? a beautiful symbol of love and peace..

""If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found!""

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Thank you very much, dear

Thank you very much, dear LOor, for your lovely comment!

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A warm background and a

A warm background and a wonderful branch.... and a happy birthday marilyn!!

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Many thanks, dear LostArt!

Many thanks, dear LostArt! For your support!