“Almost a golden red pheasant”
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Good job!

You are truly an amazing artist. I am definitely inspired. I just have one question: How come it's not flaming? I thought phoenixes were supposed to be flaming. At least that is what I have heard from myths and legends. Anyway, I love the detail and use of color. Keep up the good work! Smile

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Thank you

for your comment SweetieAppleAcres - the phoenix could live hundreds of years during which time it was not aflame. When it

"died", it burst into flames, and then was resurrected from its own ashes.

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Brilliant colours

Brilliant colours Laughing out loud

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thank you MUF. Laughing out loud

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I like the Art Deco style...

... of your drawing. I drew some animals in this style for my work.

Santa Santa Santa Santa Santa

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So cool! What a great golden experience from you.! Very beautiful colors. Laughing out loud

The bird looks cute. This one should be nesting around here, so I'm gonna be rich. Tongue