Pink Rose

“sorry if you guys are getting sick of seeing roses and especially pink ones but they are my absolute favorite. I will try to think of other things to draw soon. I have many in the works but the roses are the ones that are hard for me to stay away from getting done first.”
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Intense pink. Love it. Laughing out loud

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Agree with Manna

your rose is as refreshing as it always is! Love Love Love Love Love

Every artist was first an amateur.

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always beautiful

always beautiful K.....question! I seem to be barred from looking at some of your posts (access denied) ????

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I don't know what's happened with some of my posts...I am thinking it may have had something to do with posting with my new cell phone? Maybe not though I had such a hard time saving the canoe drawing and that was done on the computer. Hopefully it has straightened out now. Thanks so much!

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Never ever

will I be tired of admiring your flowers, kute...they're always so lovely! Love So keep drawing them!

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