Pink Rose in the Garden

“Having a very hard time trying to get this to upload to the gallery, I have lost the drawing twice and everytime I tried to upload it from the desktop program it couldn't load the categories then it kept saying it couldn't save jpg file but there is no jpg file. I almost gave up then it finally saved to the gallery. Sorry it it sloppy but I really got tired of trying to redo it. ”
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draw! Smile

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A beautiful rose, Kute,

A beautiful rose, Kute, bravo!

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pink rose and nice warmth

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One of your flower charisma!

Looks real to every detail ... just as you always are, WONDERFUL, kutedymples! And sorry to hear that got a bad time saving it ... I too follow Ha55ha's method of saving the draw in the computer and then saving it to queeky (though I dont reopen it, I save that one again to Queeky. But if it messes up, then you have your back-up in the computer --- GO GET IT THEN!)!

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is fantastic...

too bad you had hard time saving i,finally we can admire your work... Love


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Very beautiful.

Looks so realistic. Beautiful pink rose. Laughing out loud

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Great one!

The kind of nearly everyone had seen,so familiar, so real, very good. Glasses Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

p.s. I had the same problem, but now I used to save it to my computer first, then open it again in queeky and saved it. I knew is a bit dump but that seems more comfort to me. Not to worry what will goes wrong... but, I'm sure the team is working hard on solving it. Wink

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i thought this was a photo

i thought this was a photo ..., amazing work Smile

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Oh my gosh! I don't care if

Oh my gosh! I don't care if you don't like it, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Its sooooooooo beautiful! Laughing out loud

You are a very talented artist! WAYYYYYY BETTER THAN ME!!!!! Five stars

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