Pirate of the Caribbean

“Johnny Depp played a great part in that movie, the first one was awesome. I didnt like the second one as well but it was still good.”
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the third one was the best. somebody should do a draw of the whirlpool Laughing out loud

anyway, cool draw! 10

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*Heart heart* Good Job! ^^ 10

- Life's Little Fairytale of Lies -

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pirate of the caribbean

Great draw of Captain Jack Sparrow, such a good actor, and a great movie too. 10

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hey kute its cool..

nice eyes..10

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Not quite finished...

I have been working on this since yesterday but it isn't quite finished. I have more to do with his hair and some touches here and there but I hope you all like it so far.