by cinx


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my gram said if i get one she will not give me college money:(

can u draw dragons if so messege me i need a favor:)

~~~~~~~~~~i like the squigle:)

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Hi Cinx....wonderful dog portrait, fantastic work. 5 stars

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thank u all!

i don't know if its a she or a he^^ i like pitbulls and i think it can be an exellent dog ..and if u bring up it well every dog can be a good dog..but i haven't one pitbull.. i have another dog (simil setter-dalmata)and i'll may draw it!Innocent ( sry for my english)

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wonderful photo realisim draw...this is an awesome dog and I agree that you captured the gentle side of this dog. She looks so sweet so I assume she is a she...ooops if not Wink lol Great job cinx. Smile Five stars

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Amasing Pit bull. As a dog

Amasing Pit bull. As a dog lover i feel this shows a different side to Pit bulls. It shows the side of them you don't see because they are always getting a bad rep because of the news. You know how they never get to see the softer gentle side of them that makes then loyal and kind. This also makes them great companions. I beleive you've managed to capture this. Good job hun Wink

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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This is


Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.