Plants took over

“No humans to be seen...”
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thanks my friends..

I am a science fiction lover and I red some hundred story,where, in many of them, civil world, being human or alien, would end with nature,plants or else, taking place, removing the inhabitants..yes Kute, I remember that film..scary.. because is so near to possible reality !!


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nice concept...looks the two suns

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THIS IS FABULOUS! LOVELY DRAW AND COLORS! Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Five stars

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pretty and in the same time a bit scary. Maybe there are no humans but are there aliens? Anyways this is a great drawing. 5 stars.

=^.^= Meow!

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I wish...

... that every building are taken over by plants. But no human? Shock No human is great, too. Laughing out loud

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...great idea!... Smile Five stars


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this reminds me of a TV program "Life After People" have you ever seen it? It is a scary thing to watch. Although this is pretty, it is scary as well.