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“Playing in the snow, i wonder how it is. I actually never seen snow”
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Wow you make it sound so special o-o, now i really want to see snow xD

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Snow is like walking into the

Snow is like walking into the biggest refrigerator. the snow looks pure white fluffy like marsh mellows. it is light, numbs your fingertips. it looks smooth and crunches under your feet like the sound of rubbing a balloon. at first it feels dry but you get really wet.when the snowflakes fall from the sky they drift down in a dance and kiss your face like butterfly kisses. snow can make you feel helpless when you can't see the ground. but if you tread with snow shoes you don't sink. looks very beautiful but also scary.

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frozen flakes

of ecstasy

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Lovely picture

and such a great description of snow. I don't like the stuff myself but you make me think twice about why I don't. It is beautiful, just too cold and slippery for me. I am from Northern Michigan originally and moved to the south to get away from the stuff. I love looking at drawings of it just don't like being in it.

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^^ i hope 1 day you'll see snow

M.C. Hammer learned the hard way that I can touch this.

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Well i live in a place where the tempeture is always hot so it would probably never snow, but hopefully later on ill see snow somewhere else :3

Shall the cookies be with you

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Really? i love the snow!

M.C. Hammer learned the hard way that I can touch this.