poker party

“who win?”
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Finally, I see you guys, great artists from your drawing. Laughing out loud Look at you guys' expressions. XDDDD

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Isn't this great?

I remember when this was done and I loved it then and still do. What an imagination and talent that went into doing this.

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Yeahhh Agree.

Is there any way to bring Hakan back? Laughing out loud

Kutedymples, you looked so serious here. XD , So did Hakan and PPPman. XDDD........ Admin looked so happy.

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hi my friends!

I know, not much like, but, this players: (from left)

1. ph

2. pppman

3. hakan

4. kutedymples Smile)

who will win? Tongue Smile

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poker party

This queeky poker party looks great...what some very serious faces...playing for big money here! Smile A great draw Hakan! 5 stars

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Good picture, complicated

Good picture, complicated subject, but good done!

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heavy. Only the host have his smile. But nice picture! Smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.