by KO

Pole Dancer

“Just got linked to this video of Pole-fitness-dancingXD and got inspired, so here it is, no reference, no tracing, and I actually really like the style I did this in.. but thats just me ;P”
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so if its your own style

i say, you are perfekt... just keep this styles on flowing

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

Donnie's picture
Great Drawing!!

This is very well done, despite the obviously odd topic, it's still a moving piece ^^ I feel almost like I'm there, listening to the music, watching her dance, good work Five stars Big smile

KO's picture

Odd topic? pft, whuuuut.

Thank you Smile I like that you feel like your in a strip club Laughing out loud


Trumoon's picture

Awesome! Love

KO's picture

Thank you Love


Giselle's picture

amazing colors and how they are reflecting on her skin. Good job! Oh! and ssshiiinyyy! Five stars

KO's picture

- Ooh shiny ;P thank you, I'm glad you like the colors, They were kind of hard, to get to mingle right ;P


Yugiohgx's picture
I like it, many colors and

I like it, many colors and shades and light and stuff this is awesome, have you seen my latest published lolo sorry, still good work 5 and Faved ^^ Five stars Five stars Love

KO's picture

You, Yugioh Smile I'm glad the colors turned out, cause it was fun drawing them Laughing out loud

lol, yes I did ^^