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Oh you found Polly!

Naughty bird time to go home. lol So cool love the colors.

Rebbecca Cormier

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Colors and markings..this is such a beautiful Parrot. Great details.. Smile

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as usual....I love all your drawings... Smile I also find it slow in some functions, but I have to try out yet..But found some differences very interesting and very nice..for now..I have to try out!!


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I always loved your

I always loved your drawing... Smile ,and loved your bird...

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Soon. it will start to speak

Soon. it will start to speak Smile...I don't know how it's for you ..the new queeky paint, but for me it's working hard..with delays, wainting a couple of seconds to open a window, the undo shortcut (Ctrl + Z) not functional. Hope to get accustomed quickly.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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New paint...

Yes I do miss the undo shortcut and also the recent colors used. I find it a little time consuming to always right click on the picture to get the right colors. Also there is one more thing, when re-touching a picture that you have already submitted you can't go down into the other layers. You always have to work on a new layer. Is this the same for you? Or maybe I am not doing it right. I find that really upsetting when wanting to add a touch of color or blend on the picture. I love the new layout of the site. At first I was very lost, but only after an hour or two I find it nice and refreshing and not to hard to navigate at all. Let me know if you are having the problem I speak about though on trying to retouch a picture and the layers. Thanks for your comment and to everyone else that has commented. I really appreciate them.

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You can shift through the layers! It took me a while to figure out but, in order to do this click directly on the image of that layer not on the gray field surrounding it or the words it has to be the picture of the layer and you may have to do it twice. I hope this helps. Wink

Rebbecca Cormier

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layer select

to select or move a layer click on the layer thumbnail.

click on the layer name to change the name.

click on help->shortcuts to view the new shortcuts. e.g. is now CTRL+Z like in photoshop Wink

Queeky admin

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Thank you...

I was clicking on the wrong part of the layer. It works wonderfully thanks for setting me straight on that. Smile I just noticed something a little strange. When a picture is commented on no matter where it was in the gallery it will go to the start of the gallery, is this normal? It can be rather confusing if this happens with every comment that is made. Just thought I would mention it, incase it is not supposed to be this way. Puzzled

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galery commented order bug


Queeky admin