“reference from national geographic”
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Cool, i like the style! Cool

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HITLER! AHHHHHH! Great draw!

HITLER! AHHHHHH! Great draw! 5 stars! I am having a stare contest with him eerrhhhhh...-_- owww! O.O ughhh

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss

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Big smile This is a great depiction andwell done of a crazed man - the darkness really suits the subject -genius.

Have a wonderful day!

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Whatever the subject your art is superb...this is Excellent... what amazing colours details and strokes. Great skills pppman....5 stars

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Sieg Heil :)

I love it how everybody quickly shares their righteous indignation at this man and others like him, forgetting that perhaps if the tables were turned they might have acted just the same, or even much worse.

The seeds of darkness are within us all, and the evil we do every day, though smaller in effect, is of the exact same make as Hitler's, and all the other genocidal maniacs. Intolerance, quick judgement, the feeling that we are somehow better than others, may they be poor, stupid or otherwise unfortunate.

What he has done, we all can do, and what his underlings have done, we all do every day. We contribute in small ways to the workings of abusive systems that in principle we do not agree with, big banks and corporations, megalomaniac nation leaders that send young soldiers to die for oil and money, and so on.

So this portrait is very thought provoking, and the subject is right on the spot.

What I like is that it focuses (in my view at least) not on the shortcomings of the man, but on the awesomeness of his actions, how he wanted to shift reality to his will and succeeded, how he made one of the strongest war machines the planet has ever seen, how it took nations and millions of normal humans to take him down, and how he has shown us all what we can do, if we set our mind to it.

A great man (although not in a positive direction, still very remarkable) and a great portrait. Cheers Smile

PS: Could you do von Stauffenberg next ? Something about a legendary hero with an Eyepatch, in Nazi clothes, just screams awesome Wink

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How good you've underlined

How good you've underlined and pointed up the bestiality of this subject, the darkness of his soul, if he had one...a very good draw, pppman, even if I hate the "content"

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Amazing portrait...

of a truly demonic monster. I really love the way you use black in the background to make your pictures stand out and the brush strokes you use. I could look at your artwork all day even if I do hate this subject matter, the artwork and the talent that comes from the artist is beautiful!

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hi hitler!


gggreat draw Smile

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so scary Laughing out loud

5 for great shadings Master

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Very contraversial draw

I admire your courage and of course your Skill in drawing such a hated man. Excellent draw...maybe could add a bulls eye on his face lolol just teasing...You have captured the evil in his eyes and face very well. Amazing draw... Smile Five stars