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Shock that dash of purple is unique.. Her skin tone reminds of marble stone, beautiful, sad, and cold..

This is amazing really. Big smile


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portrait, great details and draw Smile

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Thank you all my friends. I'm so glad to read each of the comments left by you : )

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as is normal..

well done ezd... wonderful and exquisite as always X3

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excuse the use of highly intelligent and overly complex language but.... HOLY CRAP! This is... this is... this is a-freakin amazing! I cannot tell you how long I stared at her, wanting to know everything about her, why is she so reflective, sad, strong, and why at such a young age is she all these things and more... there is a book character waiting to be written with in. Thank you for sharing this. Five stars + Five stars = masterpiece!

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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Oh, I agree with you, I also

Oh, I agree with you, I also see a strong character in her face. For such a

young age, she must have all those characteristics you mentioned.

Btw, thanks for the comment. Smile

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Incredible portrait of a

Incredible portrait of a young girl. Exquisite work.


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another master piece!

5 big stars welcome back!

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ezd is great

ezd is great

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