“Used a picture of Taylor Swift as reference, but didn't draw it exactly the same.”
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I recognized Taylor Swift

I recognized Taylor Swift from the thumbnail! Beautiful work! good job. Smile

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much MicahAngelo!

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Grade You are very talanted, it is a very good drawing! I thought it is easy to draw on the computer, but today I tried and... Saved here one draving. I really don't know what is this)

Where are you from? I live in a capital of Russia.


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Thank you!

Haha first I thougt it was easy too, but for me it's harder than drawing on a piece of paper.

I am from Holland Laughing out loud

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Taylor Swift

Right before I saw your description, I noticed it looked a lot like Taylor Swift. Good job, Hanneke!

Please...stop being such a POSER!! Just be yourself!

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Thank you so much!

That means a lot to me Laughing out loud