portrait first attempt

“first attempt at a portrait inspired by prep for jo”
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Innocent and lovely!

Well done! Five stars


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nice ...

very expressive eyes... Smile

psree Smile

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need help with this portrait

i have updated this draw but the preview still shows the old picture, only when you play the image till the end you can see the end result, any clues on how to fix this ... Thanks

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clear your internet cache

go up to the top of your browser window and click on tools, then click clear recent history and refresh I see the end result after changes. I have to do this all the time after submitting changes to my pictures. It helps a lot.

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Hey kutedymples thanks so much, i thought it was a queeky thing Smile.

Just one more question albeit a bit ignorant.

Im a big fan of your still life/landscapes . Edz, mmbelu's portraits and hakan's cats.

Do you guys use a stylus-tablet interface for queeky paintings.

My laptop touch pad is just too inadequate.

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Nice girl, expressive eyes...

Nice girl, expressive eyes...