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Sure! Haha

Sure! Haha Little kid with big dreams! Love it! Five stars


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he's so small and adorable but powerful and quick! I love his hat and the star on his T Big smile

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Startled he quickly casts a spell at what is coming for him. what a cute character and I love the clothes and hat of course. Well done. Smile Five stars

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....this cute little guy looks a bit worried! maybe the magic spell he just cast on that little kitten has gone wrong! Oops! looks like that kitty has just turned into one of Hakans lions! Wink Oh well its back to the Spellbook again for this little wizard! Smile Great draw pppman. Five stars

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Keep on

telling me more. Bed time stories hour. Wink


Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Little, but very powerful! I

Little, but very powerful! I like your different characters, they are strong, witty, funny they bring me a smile in my eyes. wonderful gallerie!

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I will

keep on. Hope you keep smiling too, my friend! Wink

Thanks for your non stop supporting! Smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.