“this is wind as an angel, i am srry to give this away, but she dies at the end of the story in the paws of her true love. the Alphas discover their seceret affair and Jaw (one of the top alphas) chases her down and fights her. she is a pretty good fighter, but Jaw locks his teeth into her throat. Thorn attacks Jaw and makes him release her. the healer tries to help, but the wounds are too deep. Wind kisses him before she lays onto his paws and dies. The song is called Break Away by Kelly Clarkson. My FAVORITE singer”
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Have a wonderful day!

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More Wind and Thorn pics please!

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so cute

aww what a cute kitty and thats a sad story Sad

I love Warriors!!

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its not a kitty

she is a wolf, not a kitty

Inactive but this website still rocks

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Great pic

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This is really cute and I love the colors. very well done. You have a very fun gallery and great drawing. Smile Five stars