“Hakan if you would like to add a lion to this picture...please do :-)”
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She is very elegant yet strong, her wardrobe reminds me of the chinese royals, am I right?

cinq etoiles! (5 starz)

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She does look a very proud and pretty princess, wonderful draw. 5 stars

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A very proud princess- her

A very proud princess- her attitude, her clothes, very pretty!

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She is lovely and I think her clothes are perfect. Very colorful and royal. Smile Five stars

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thanks for the welcome!

Great Job!!!!

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you guys are awesome!

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Great idea....

But you are the King of Lions...maybe you could draw a lion next to her? I would change this to variate if you would like to add the lion.

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my idea is..

the princess next to draw a lion! Smile