Prussia and Germany-Hetalia

“Well it took me half of forever to finish, but heres the finished product.. Drew most from memory..”
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lol I rated this awesome XD

lol I rated this awesome XD WELL IT IS!!!

Big smile Big smile

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Gilbert looks awesome like usual. Ludwig is sweet here.Smile

Music is good and so is art and reading.

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This is really good! Glad to

This is really good! Glad to see another Hetalia fan on here. Laughing out loud

Epicly Awesome Ninja >:)

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i'm finding more and more hetalia stuff as i go Laughing out loud

Make Pasta not WAR! Laughing out loud

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I wouldn;t actually believe

I wouldn;t actually believe this is mostly from memory, it looks amazing!!

Aww Germany, you know Prussia loves you XD

I'm not crazy. You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

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what tools did you use to do

what tools did you use to do this?


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I used the pencil tool and the line took thing XD


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i love this Laughing out loud

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Thanks Laughing out loud