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Danila Thank you my friend! I

Danila Thank you my friend! I really like the web tool for this reason, it imposes a rhythm and trajectories,Keep moving forward become mandatory and it is challenging! When I beginning any work my knowledge of what comes out is completely null! A great day for you.

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Looks like me!! ha ha ha

Looks like me!! ha ha ha LOL!!! Smile xoxoxoxox

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein

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I like your look !ha ha ha

I like your look !ha ha ha LOL!!! Big smile xoxoxoxox

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when you point with your

when you point with your finger at someone, three fingers point at you, I have heard someone write. What can I answer to the question? It is so difficult to meet at same level and accept yourself and others the way we are. Intelligent or stupid,or pseudointelligent. Hello Kindre with all your intelligens and stupidness. My intelligens and stupidness greets you. To say nothing about pseudointelligens.


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Thank you Lanttiakka ! This

Thank you Lanttiakka !

This stereotype exists ... I just gave an image ! I never wrote that :

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You are wright, this

You are wright, this stereotype exists and not is it you. I know it. I have known it all the time. Sometimes heart knows more than intelligens, sometimes intelligens shows when heart is misleaded. Sometimes both are wrong, then you have to use your intuition. But this pseudointelligens is built on a wrong basis totally. I wish happines and sunshine for both of us.


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Pirjo, Thanks for everything!

Pirjo, Thanks for everything! There is a sector where Pseudo-Intellectuals proliferate ... in political world!

This format has been disastrous for the entire globe ... the foundations of democracy can come into collapse due to helmsmen who claim to know everything!

I saw children going hungry and someone very close to the great debates about the smell of the gases of the rings of Saturn ... these Pseudo-Intellectuals think they are keepers of the truth and more nothing are that a fraud!

The levels of intelligence are of each one and escapes of our domain (I have not graced by been very lucky in this distribution, LOL) ... selling cat by the hare, is dishonest and should be denounced!

Very bright sun and bright truth in our lives! Wink