Pumpkin Slaughter

“Just trying to do a scary Halloween picture..Poor Jack-O-Lantern he was the victim tonight”
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SO CREATIVE AN AWESOME DRAW! VERY BEAUUUTIFUL! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ghost Wink Big smile Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ...

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...hahahaha I love his


I love his expression! very good drawing ...

....I never have put face to a pumpkin... ._.

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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I've seen the original and

I've seen the original and you've done a great job with it. You can see more clearly what's going on in your drawing as opposed to the orignal. You also captured the lighting perfectly. Really nice, Dymps.

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Great atmosphere

Cozy traditional...yet spooky

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Cool great light also.

Cool great light also. Five stars Five stars Five stars

consent can be nulified by reason of cohersion or duress!

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Poor pumpkin...

Wonderful lighting effect, kute! Happy Halloween! Five stars Five stars Ghost

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