Purple and Blue

“I was looking at some of the competition stuff and came across the coloring stuff. The face sketch has been done a few times, but I thought I could take it in a different direction. I got really frustrated because I had to restart this drawing after the application locked up. It still feels like something is missing, but Im not going to worry about it. This was just for fun anyways.”
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I noticed this is about one of the most variated pictures on the site. There are so many variations and colors, styles of it. I love yours! Really nice colors and style. I believe it is the best variate of this picture, keep up the brilliant work! Love

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SO INTRESTING COLORS, VERY PRETTY! NICE DETAILS! Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars ...

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Looks good

Looks good

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Nice variation ...


Every artist was first an amateur.

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Amazing, as always. <3!

Amazing, as always. <3!

It's difficult to bring imaginings to life with a trackpad...