Purple Flower

“uploaded and adjusted some colors...I drew this using inktense pencil on Fabriano Hot press paper”
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It's a wonderful drawing,

It's a wonderful drawing, very interesting done!

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I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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Thank you

I've always loved using these colors in my artwork. Also love drawing flowers so much. Recently I've been doing a lot more traditional type artwork not digital. I miss drawing here at queeky and my friends here as well. Thanks so much for commenting, Hugs!

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I very much

Like this--well there is not much of your work that I don't like Smile You are amazing and I like your comment about art keeping you sane. Art literally saved my life after I became disabled.

My mom was a wonderful artist but not me--however I just began to pick it up and try--and learn--still trying and learning Smile I love it. Oh and thank you for stopping by.


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Thank you

Art does keep my sane and grounded for sure. I think anyone can be an amazing artist just keep working at it. I'm self taught and only because I wanted to be able to draw anything, that's why I can. I practice every day and have for the last 15 years. I try to draw everything and with every medium such as digital, pencils, paints...watercolor and acrylic. I try not to leave anything untouched as far as being able to draw it and I watch a ton of youtube videos daily. I've learned so much from Queeky and youtube it's insane. Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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I too

Have learned tons from videos and some really old art books of my moms but what really got me started was after Lyme disease began to take reek havoc on my joints I knew I needed to do something--I went to Israel (a life long dream) and I didn't want to just capture it all via camera. So I began to sketch and when I got home I began painting Rocks with acrylics--took these scenes from Israel and placed them on rocks.

Thank you for Listening--you really do inspire me.

Debbie aka Bubbi


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Good work!

Good work!