Queen of the Jungle

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Queen of the jungle

That looks so real i just joined but i could never have a painting look like that

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waw ....Wonderful

Very nice, always surprise us with paintings outlook suggests that really the king of the jungle

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that picture is so great!!!

that picture is so great!!! Five stars

tbh no

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ur really good!!!


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That picture is so awsome!

Big smile Laughing out loud Cool That picture is so awsome!

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WOW! Glasses Party Party Party

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If this painting wasn't in Queeky website, I must think of it as a photo. hahaha This is so realistic.

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Thanks to everyone...

for commenting and rating on this picture. I did it a while back but I still remember doing this. I had always wanted to be able to do cats like Hakan and he is my inspiration for this. Thanks again!

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5 big stars!!