Random Drawing (mouse test)

“I am soooo used to drawing with a tablet, but I wanted to give the mouse a try. I am so horrible at using the mouse, though...”
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Big blue eyes are actually

Big blue eyes are actually the key to very cute chibi characters, I'm actually making my own Chibi show (on paper tho) Called Chibaru AKA Chibiru ^-^

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She is a cutie,love her eyes

She is a cutie,love her eyes Big smile

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I hate you for being able to draw so good with a mouse! *throws away tablet* I need to learn!

Great drawing by the way. Wub the blue hair!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR TABLET!!!! Shock Tablets are precious!! I swear I can't live without mine. This drawing took me sooooo long to draw, and my slow computer didn't help much either. I just used the curve tool for a lot of it.

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I hid the first few layers, but I didn't know it would the layers would come up invisible during the playback >.<