“----NOT MY PICTURE---- Okay. So I am taking almost ALL requests. Although, the only problem is that my tablet is broken. I will try and get them all done in July-August. So if you would like anything done, feel free to inbox me asking for just about anything. If it can be done, I will get to you about where it will be found. (My deviantart) in which I will link you too. Cutsey doodles, or playful style requests are VERY MUCH WELCOME!!”
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Defiantly! Just a few questions:

1: Do you have a deviantart? If so, watch me here: Cause it will be posted there. nan If not, I'll send you a link when finished.

2: What color is Pepsi's eyes?

3: Cutesy doodle, or a nice detailed picture with background?

4: What would you like Pepsi doing? Where?

~ Take me to London, Honey. ~

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My goodness, how silly of me! I missed the reference sheet!

~ Take me to London, Honey. ~