“OKay guys!! Im posting and its a huuuuge shock. So, I made a new deviantart and I just so happened to break my stupid tablet. Good job me. So this is the most recent I have. I post it on my mew deviant art, so being the only thing up I have no watchers. Since I love you, you should do me a huuuge favor and watch me. Ill be posting something soon about commisions. Around mid July Ill be getting my new tablet and I will start then!!! GO WATCH ME PLEASE!!!!! LINK TO PAGE IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
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I wish I could, I really like

I wish I could, I really like your art but my deviant art account has been lost for like 2 years -.-

Oh, and I'm L.A ._.

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And dang! That sucks. I deleted my old account because of all my terrrible art. I didnt feel like spending hours deleting them.... so I started fresh.

~ Take me to London, Honey. ~

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2 i have a devianart acount to

im a preety funny persone(aas my friends tell me T_T)i like to draw a A LOT and that is it! Laughing out loud

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You should for sure watch me! It would be blessing XD

Im trying to get watchers and the only way I can think is this way.

Its so hard :'(

~ Take me to London, Honey. ~

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~ Take me to London, Honey. ~