“I started this drawing about a year ago, and lost the reference and eventually gave up. But it was too good to go to waste. So, I braved up and did it off the top of my head. Hope you like it!”
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pretty pretty

and cool light!

Five stars


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Haha, thanks Kute! Queeky is

Haha, thanks Kute!

Queeky is my only drawing site! Lol.

Thank you glimmer and sketchpad! Laughing out loud

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Glad to hear that about Queeky...the only reason I have so many is because I run the Facebook site called "Online Drawing Sites and Artists" and its sort of my job to find them and give reviews. But never the less this is my Main drawing site and my favorite!

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GORGEOUS DRAW! LOVELY WORK! Five stars Five stars

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beautiful lighting!

Wow, lovely draw! Five stars

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