by z22


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gorgeous eyes

I wish I knew how to make eyes so realistic and dreamy...


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at first she was pretty and cute but then she got like sadder and paler. great job.

~in love :3

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so good!!!

love it so much!!!!!! he's so good at using these tools!!!!!! i can't even make a stick figure!!!

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I don't know why this thing

I don't know why this thing is not THE best in queeky or in the world... I call this a "thing" because there are no words for this thing, this thing is a category on it's own... there are no words of praise or a repeat of some praises that can be expressed for this thing... I thought there was a limit for realizing a draw, I always knew what was real and what was unreal... until I saw this thing... there's nothing left to say... for me you just overcame the limitation of realizing a draw... this is indefinitely beyond everything I ever saw... one must wonder where you can take us from here. Thank you for this.

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I am sure, I won't find the right words to describe the beauty of this picture. So I'll just say: Amazing.


What happened happened.

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olypic review

absolutely a wonderful portrait, stunning! Excellent work. *10*

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Amazing tech!

I love the shading on the face!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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olympic review

Very well constructed portrait, you have captured the bone structure of the face, and intensity of the girls look Martyn

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awww i dont know wot 2 say...Its just amazing...Perfect...Keep it up Smile