Rio Queen

“Rio Queen <p></p> Photo Credit: <a href="";>link</a> <p></p>”
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selva's picture

use of color, I like the energy ...the dots add sparkle as if the sun was reflecting off the jewels. well done.

Drawing4me's picture
She is proud and beautiful

So alive! and love the vibrancy, gives it the right feel.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

little_prince's picture

beautiful colors and I love the texture.

well done!

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

pppman's picture

Nice dots!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

kwikdraw's picture
Thank you, pppman

Yeah, the dots showed up more pronouncedly at the end. Oh, well. It could be counted as technique, so... Big smile


pppman's picture
It surely

DOES!!!!!! Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

SoberJoe's picture

I love the painterly quality it has. Great work Wink


kwikdraw's picture
Thank you

very much, soberjoe Big smile


ploiesteana's picture
What a proud queen,

What a proud queen, originally, strong and delicate at the same time, full of joy of life, wonderful colours!

And this "queen (me) was and is very amused" reading your sweet story from the rival lemons and their conflict...I had to laugh and I did it very loud...Thank you very much, your comments are so lovely, so funny and openhearted, thanks again!