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1 Variation


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This is excellent. Love to

This is excellent. Love to have a similar robot; he looks friendly. Smile

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aww the poor thing! So cute!

aww the poor thing! So cute! Love it Big smile Love

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A robot that is totally out of its league.

Funny Five stars

Have a wonderful day!

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It remebers me The Wizard from Oz- beautiful draw!

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robot 2000

great detail, a great draw! 10

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I am a robot, da dadi da!da!

This song just come up to me. But , what a lonely robot... Nice work!!

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poor robot

being in front of the beach and cannot have a super splash must be pretty sad..

Your robot in a Caribbean beach would have another expression. That for sure.

Under a shiny green palm tree, enjoying the bright of sun, and a "piña colada" jajaja..

Maybe It will end damaged but happy.

this is wonderful..!! 10

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This is the cutest robot i ever seen. Seriously. So cute ! I just wish i could help him from that island or just join him or something, he looks kinda sad. 10