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That is the cutest puppy! I love it!

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That is so cool I can draw good in real life but not on the computer ^_^ Smile

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och, is das putzig

mac's picture

i loves the puupy!

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its a pity the withe marks on the little draw. but if you low down in paper is really good.

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its a pity the white marks . but if you put it in paper is realy good . have you try to low down in paper? you must.

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is so tender , and it seems to be alive ,those eyes......its amazing endeed


cricu's picture so tender, and the eyes ...

it seems alive!!!!!!!!

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I can't figure it our for the life of me! when you look at the picture in the gallery it has these bright white smuges in the pictuer. (wich I did not make) then when you look at it up close there gone. Confused.

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I drew over my pic