I miss my fish

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cheeky cheeky )) i like how

cheeky cheeky Smile))

i like how you use the brush, leaving vivid and 'tasty' brushstrokes))

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so cut :bigsmile Smile .

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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This is cool and creepy at

This is cool and creepy at the same time. Translation it rocks! Wink

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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I miss my fish

This just makes me laugh, really cute... he is a devilish little imp. Smile Five stars

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alright, I miss my tiger!! Tongue

pppman: Shock !!!??!

little_prince: Crying !!!??! (run away)

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How perfidious look! I love

How perfidious look! I love it! I love his maliciousness ... and yours too...Hehehe!

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i miss my fish

He's so cute, and what a cheeky expression he has. Smile 5 stars

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lol, funny

I'm sure my cat didn't eat your fish Big smile

btw:thank you pppman everything's Ok

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Very cute!

I agree with mmbelu! It is VERY cute, colors are wonderful and that expression is adorable!

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i miss my fish

jaja is very cute. I love his expression