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This is so sad it just bout made me cry! Sad( Great draw though. Innocent

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so sad .....hugs

so sad .....hugs


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Why are you sad? pppman dressed you funny? Big smile

Love the drawing, not sure what that circle thing is or doing, though. Big smile Elaborate, please! FIVE anyway! Five stars


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nothing special here, just a children get stuck his head in a hole on a painted board. Smile

I don't know what it call, Puzzled you always find some standing board which printed a character with a hollow circle on the head for visitors to take photo... hmmm, what am i writing... Forget it! What ever you think it might be... Stare

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... and I love the little

... and I love the little tears and the expression of his eyes. Such a gorgeous picture!

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Hmmm for some reason it makes me think of the sun and the moon; like, the sun is sad to go down so the moon can come up? I dont know but it's a cool pic! Laughing out loud

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so sad .....hugs

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Oh, that is such a sad face, the little tears and pouty lips. I love that little face...cute draw and well done of course Smile Five stars