“This is Sarah, she is my eldest daughter. She's quite the beauty. I have been working on this portrait of her for quite some time now. .....I have drawn Sarah a lot over the years. She has went through some major changes lately, has lost 160 pounds and she is even more beautiful now than she ever was. I am doing this portrait to honor her dedication and hard work that brought her to the point she is at today.”
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MORE THAN Five stars , Five stars , Five stars .. DRAWING WONDERFUL!

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Traditionally Sarah means "Princess" ...

I know she is not your only princess but she certainly lives up to the derivation of her name in this portrait - regal, calm and strong ... a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman by an equally beautiful woman ...

I have watched this playback a couple of times through and I see refinement in your portrait painting techniques - they shine through in the finished work ... congratulations Susie (by the way now I know why you like flowers so much ... for your name is derived from "Lily")

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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Yes, we named her Sarah for two reasons because she was our first little princess and because of the song Sarah Smile By Hall and Oats. I was named after my grandmother Lily. Instead of the name Lily I was named Susan because Lily is what it meant. Thank you for the nice words about the playback and refining my techniques. Portraits of all things is what I have wanted to paint well since I started. I constantly try to renew my technique to get better skin tones and better portraits. I am very glad it is a noticed improvement. It is hard to notice ones own work to see changes over time. It does help when things like this are notice by others at least I am not doing this for no changes at all. Thank you so much Wungu! Big hugs to you!!

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Beautiful you're daughter is


you're daughter is beautiful, so is her portrait (:

5 stars

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WOW...fantastic, I am sure

WOW...fantastic, I am sure your daughter loves it. Big smile

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I wish I could draw like you ...

Five stars

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You draw beautifully...

It is from years of practice and trial and error. I have never had lessons. It is really just watching other artists and getting tips here and there from others. Keep drawing and eventually you will draw the way you want to draw. Your artwork is already beautiful though. Oh the most important thing, you have to love what you do and want it bad enough. Love

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Wonderful portrait,

showing enough personality and love! Like an old master painting... Five stars


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she is gorgeous

and looks like she is just as beautiful on the inside... you can tell by the eyes...

Merry Christmas darlin... a gorgeous paint this is.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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You are blessed with a

You are blessed with a beautiful and gorgeous daughter, thanks for painting her and giving a chance to all us to see her. Very nice draw.