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Fine touch of this soft

Fine touch of this soft material!

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HAHAHA! Mein lieber Freund

HAHAHA! Mein lieber Freund ... sie sind erstaunlich ! Innocent

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This comment has been deleted.


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Monet kiitokset myös ,Pirjo !

Monet kiitokset myös ,Pirjo ! that time artists were worth the "soul" who managed to convey to the public ... now ... a fringe of hair and pretty face are sufficient to fame! I am nostalgic? No ... I try to be realistic! Party

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great satin..


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Thank you very much, my

Thank you very much, my friend Danila !

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I had

to playback a few times to see how you got that satin effect...and I still don't know how you did it... Puzzled Five stars Five stars Smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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HAHAHA !Thank you very much

HAHAHA !Thank you very much my friend ! Very easy ... is a matter of touch ... LOL! Wink