Scenic View

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Crown im the queen laura;) haha...nah, jk;) i didnt take the latin thing to heart!!! it was REALLY funny actually;)

her skin color got that way cuz i kinda wanted it to blend in with the sand...cuz u know how when ur at the beach... ur skin tone gets darker... and it sort of blends in with the color of the sand...??? hahha.. me not makin any sense;) anyway.... i just wanted her to blend into the sand.... and 'sunshine' saw that and said..."is this a mimickery of The Little Mermaid???" hahaha...

sunshine said it looks like a mermaid... but then again... i did make her dress that way.... Big smile

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yay!!! - good job ^-^

you took the latin thing i said to heart!!!! hahahahaha - but i wana see her face! hint hint

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scenic view

relaxation and a wonderful view, great draw.

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To rest on your beach, how

To rest on your beach, how wonderful!

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The place to be

you did a good job of showing how relaxing it can be at the beach. Nicely done... Smile