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“Trying out new PixelShapes Tool ...”
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2 Variations

2 Variations


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Loving this...

I've played around with this tool quite a bit but for some reason I can't get them to save to the site, only to my computer. I know I must be doing something wrong and usually when I am playing around I am short on time in the first place so next time I am going to make sure I have plenty of time and then maybe I'll be able to get it to save right. I love the tool!

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yes, you need to steps to bring your PixelShapes art to Queeky:

1. Create your PixelShapes and save to your computer in QKY format. In the save dialog you can alter the dimensions of the desired output.

2. Open QueekyPaint and use "Load from computer" in order to import your PixelShapes QKY into QueekyPaint

Then you can go on editing your work (I like to start the replay of the PixelShapes product, then stop somewhere in between, add some strokes and colors, and then resume playback - this way I can mix it up see the replay of Wink) and finally publish to Queeky gallery.

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Turn Pixels into Shapes: