Sea Gull

“playing around with phs drawing I had no clue when I started what I would end up with”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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i think it looks great ^^

i think it looks great ^^

If you look closer you might just see it.

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Turned out fine K....good

Turned out fine K....good work

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I don't think it looks much like a sea gull now but at least still looks like a bird. Thanks

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it looks like the product of a female sea gull and a male sea eagle Wink

just kidding ... did you manage to export an image from PixelShapes and import it to QueekyPaint?

You can export in QKY format on PixelShapes and then open this QKY from your computer in QueekyPaint.

Thanks for variating!

edit: my sea gull was actually a photo that I turned into a Queeky file using PixelShapes Wink

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Really well done! Thank you for coming by Smile